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The Teen Parents Support Programme -TPSP for short - is a support service for young mothers, young fathers and their families from pregnancy until the baby is 2 years of age.

We offer support, information and advocacy in all areas of a young parent's life including health, relationships, parenting, child care, social welfare entitlements, education, training and anything else about which the mother or father is concerned.

This support can be tailored and delivered in a way that best suits the individual needs of each young parent. For more information on the type of supports that are available please go to our Support page.

Currently there are 11 TPSPs throughout Ireland. To find out if there is a TPSP in your area go to Where to find a TPSP.

Listen to Emily Egan

Hi, my name is Emily Egan. Thanks for listening to my music! Feel free to share. I am a single mom living in West Cork with my amazing family and my beautiful two-year-old daughter Ivy. When I was pregnant with Ivy, I availed of the Teen Parent Support Programme after being told about it by a social worker in the CUMH. Trish was extremely helpful and helped me to feel a lot calmer about the situation. Since then, the programme has continued to support me, and I am so grateful. Being a young mom is hard, and anyone experiencing the scary prospect of becoming a parent at a young age should not be afraid to ask for help.


The TPSP's project workers have built up knowledge and skills which have helped them work effectively with young parents.. We have now developed a resource, The TPSP Toolkit, to support both TPSP staff and other community-based professionals in their work with teenage parents.
The TPSP is offers a free one-day Toolkit Workshop for  professionals working with pregnant and parenting teens and their families.  All participants receive an electronic version of The TPSP Toolkit in the form of a USB key. Priority is given to those working in areas where there is not a TPSP.
For further information contact Margaret Morris at tpsp@treoir.ie or phone 087-2518428.


Research is telling us that being involved in the lives of their children brings enormous benefits to both the children and to fathers themselves.  Young fathers face numerous obstacles in participating in the lives of their children.  For the most part they are not living with the mother of their child and are dependent on the support of both sets of families and of professionals with whom they come in contact.
 The TPSP offers a free one-day Workshop for professionals who have contact with young fathers. 
For further information contact Margaret Morris at tpsp@treoir.ie or phone 087-2518428

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