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The Teen Parents Support Programme -TPSP for short- is a support service for young mothers, young fathers and their families from pregnancy until the baby is 2 years of age.

We offer support, information and advocacy in all areas of a young parent's life including health, relationships, parenting, child care, social welfare entitlements, education, training and anything else about which the mother or father is concerned.

This support can be tailored and delivered in a way that best suits the individual needs of each young parent. For more information on the type of supports that are available please go to our Support page.

Currently there are 11 TPSPs throughout Ireland. To find out if there is a TPSP in your area go to Where to find a TPSP.


Focus on Fathers: Free One-day Workshop
Teen Parents Support Programme
Focus on Fathers
Free one-day Workshop
Thursday 12th March 2020
9.30am to 4.30pm
Ashling Hotel Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8
The Teen Parents Support Programme (TPSP) consists of 11 projects throughout the country funded by Tusla and the HSE.  Each project provides a variety of supports and interventions to teenage parents-mothers and fathers-and their families.  See www.tpsp.ie . Currently the needs of young fathers tend to be largely forgotten by family support services.  At the same time research is telling us that being involved in the lives of their children brings enormous benefits to both the children and the fathers themselves.  Young fathers face numerous obstacles in participating in the lives of their children.  For the most part they are not living with the mother of their child.  They are often viewed as the ‘villain’ in the situation and are dependent on the attitudes of both sets of families and of professionals with whom they come in contact.
Free Workshop
The TPSP is offering a free one-day Workshop for professionals who have contact with young fathers.  
The aims of the Workshop are to:
  • raise awareness regarding the value of fatherhood in a child’s life
  • introduce participants to the use of the Young Dads Resource Pack and other material relevant to their work with young fathers. This Resource Pack was developed by the Louth TPSP with funding from the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme.  
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the Workshop participants will have:
  • explored issues surrounding fatherhood
  • increased awareness of the importance of a father’s active involvement in his child’s life and the benefits of this to the child
  • increased knowledge of materials available to support young fathers.
The Workshop will incorporate information, discussion and experiential learning.  As this is a one-day Workshop only, it is assumed that participants will already possess a basic level of skill in facilitating groups and/or one- to- one work.
All participants will receive a USB of the Young Dads Resource Pack and other relevant material.
To apply for this Workshop please contact Margaret Morris, National Co-ordinator, TPSP, tpsp@treoir.ie. 087 2518428.
Closing date for applications is Friday 28th  February 2020

TPSP Submission to Review of RSE Programme in schools

TPSP Summary of Work 2017
Download TPSP SUMMARY OF WORK 2017.PDF (1,128 Kb, 27 Jan 2019)

The Strategy for Education and Skills 2016-2018
Download TPSP SUBMISSION ON THE STRATEGY.PDF (533 Kb, 15 July 2018)




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The Young Parents Survival Guide
 Linking to http://www.tpsp.ie/download.php?page_id=1&fragment_id=139&download_id=25

Download THE YOUNG PARENTS SURVIVAL GUIDE.PDF (1,632 Kb, 11 Mar 2012)

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