Supporting Grandparents

Finding out that your teenage son or daughter is expecting a baby can come as quite a shock.

You may be worried with how he or she will cope with this responsibility while they are still so young themselves.

Now that your son or daughter is a parent your relationship may change and bring new challenges which neither you nor they may be ready for.

If your daughter is still living at home, you now have two families living under the one roof. This can be very demanding and stressful. You may have just finished rearing your own family and find it difficult to have a new baby in the house.
How do you help with the baby while, at the same time, allow your daughter to grow into the role of being a parent and take on the responsibilities - as well as the joys - that go with it?
Or do you have a grandchild you cannot get to know because your son has no access to him or her?
Staff in the TPSP have already met grandparents with all of these challenges and will support you in whatever way is possible.

Download BEING-THERE-FOR-THEM.PDF (832 Kb, 03 Mar 2020)